My Wedding

It’s only fair that I begin with my own wedding. It was not perfect. I learned a lot and hindsight is a wonderful thing.  Hopefully I could pass on some lessons to my customers and readers.

My initial turmoil was with the dress. I fell in love with more than extremely expensive frock and was told in no uncertain terms NO by my soon to be husband. I sulked and searched, searched  and sulked whilst looking for a similar one, and to be fair there probably was one but my heart was set as much on that dress as my chosen groom so I had to have it. Luckily with some negotiations, a sale day at the bridal shop on that designer and a change of material I managed to get it on  a promise I would sell it… of course I never did. It was far too precious. Promises don’t count out of wedlock do they?

Then came the bridesmaid problems which I will cover more in a later blog.

I had planned my day to military precision. That was a mistake. I should have been a bit more general and allowed ‘problem time’ and I should have informed everyone a lot more clearly of how things would proceed to stop so many questions on the morning. I should also have informed God that it was not to rain at all as I had a dream of sipping champagne on the patio looking like a princess. No open top car for me then as the rain loomed all day and then the heavens opened. Yes I do hear its good luck if it rains on the wedding day. But seeing as I was not a farmer growing crops in a drought it did not feel that way at the time. I mean August is supposed to be sunny ….. What a load of old tosh .

I remember confirming and re confirming every service booked every month, week, day… hour but whilst this was a bit OCD it did make me feel better. It did not however prevent the hairdresser (I didn’t own makeup) I was using breaking her ankle, our car driver getting lost on the way to the church and to our reception making us very late for both ( missing vital champagne time and the guest thinking we had done a runner) , Nor did it prevent my pricey dress getting tyre black on it (how nice they did that to smarten the car for me!!! GRRR).

So one of the moments I dreamed of was standing at the end of the isle with my own dear now departed dad looking stunning. All I remember at that point was swearing in front of the vicar about my dirty dress which everyone kept saying ‘no one will see’ I could see damn it and that’s all that mattered to me at that point.

You can also never organise the way people behave drunk, sober young or old. That’s annoying. As they tend to do what they want. Like plant a huge red lipstick kiss on your cheek which shows in all the photos (yes that happened to me), like not sitting to the table plan and my having to get cross as no one could sit down (yes that happened to me) like people treading on your beloved dress like it was a door mat (yes that further ruined the dress… cry cry)

But with all the negative came a MASSIVE positive.  The moment we said our vows. My groom shed a tear and kissed my wedding ring and we became man a wife and then nothing else really did matter.

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