Experience over youth 

Hello 😀 

Choosing a stylist and or makeup artist is so individual to each person and their type of event. All kinds of criteria must go through customers minds when flicking over @hitched and other supplier websites. Hopefully my website ‘www.bigdayhairandmakeup’ radiates my warm friendly approach yet very professional brand and it appeals to all. 

Then when a booking has been placed and we have finally meet I have found that many customers are so relieved when I arrive and am a normal (well as normal as can be 😂) person, willing to listen to their ideas as well as lightly suggesting my own and at the end of the makeover they don’t look like a clown! They look amazing and how they dreamed they could. #looklikethestaryouare 

Yet as I have gotten older (and wiser) I have often questioned if I am indeed now too old for the modern bride and the ‘on point ‘ women. In light if all the fashionable on line tutorials and current trends which my own face is not comfortable adorning it’s often a thought I should concede to the youthful just qualified or self taught artists that have flooded the market and zip up my kit case for good.

Until …… just this week I was told I only look 35 …. love that girl and my own boys said I could be from a distance a teenager …. love those boys. Not only that but a trial on a brilliant lady who is to remarry in her forties made me realise that you are never too old and that my skill is a precious one. A skill that makes people’s day, a skill that can improve a life, make someone more confident and these very emotions will be frozen on a photo and cherished for years to come.

I am physically fit… probably more so than most young women so that’s not an issue carry my very large kit up flights of hotel stairs. Yes I am more wrinkly but not quite at horror movie stage just yet and standing a long way from the mirror is always a very good plan on a tired day 😂. 

I also am keeping up with the hair and makeup trends. Albeit some products are totally unneccesary, over priced and gimmicky. Not that I dislike them all but I have not been a fan of every fad even when I myself were impressionable and naive , in those distance memory years I was always very happy , if not more happy, looking dare I say it different to other people. 

As much as some young women look amazing with all the contouring (which is actually a very old concept) on a daily basis just trudging to work and back I can’t think how shocking they look with no makeup to the young gentleman who has no idea of what a natural girl looks like anymore and they wake next to her with her eyebrows smeared all over her pillow and her strip lashes looking like a moustache as they slid in the night slowly south. Its also like some kind of cloning process. It’s also sad as I can see a beauty that is actually being hidden by so much makeup.  

Both my sons and husband are not keen on that ‘look’ . So why as a makeup artist , I must admit it , it’s is so much fun to get a face and go to town with a full on makeover and totally change someone . Polar oppositely it’s so great to get a woman that needs to look like her wonderful self but on a very good day! 

So I guess while I still enjoy myself, I am in touch with all ages needs and have a steady hand I should stick around on the hair and makeup artistry scene and give those young inexperienced artists a good benchmark to achieve. 

Look forward to seeing which way you choose to look xx

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