The Dress

Oh Lordy. The dress. 

The dress is kind of the VIP of the wedding day. 

It can be pivotal in deciding the theme, the hair accessories and style, the grooms attire, flowers and that’s just a few examples. 

I would say that in the main the dress is always the brides favourite thing to buy but so many come to me for their hair trial doubting their desisions or not remembering how it does up and some actually hating it! 

It can be on occasion quite a long time from the purchase to the hair and makeup trial. That may account for the memory loss but the hating it after a fitting is something else. 

One bride of mine loved her dress but doubted it also as not being ‘her’. One day she left a magazine open at (on purpose) the page of an almost identical dress. Of course the fiancé was meant to see it. He innocently  said “oh I hope your dress isn’t like that”. Not what she wanted to hear. So there it began. Weeks of dilemma. Should she change it for another?  Should she keep it and risk him hating it? Then she began to hate it anyway. So at the trial and on the wedding day I was working with a bride who hated her dress. The pressure was on me to make her hair and makeup absolutely perfect to carry her through. Safe to say it did my part of the deal and actually she messaged me after to say her groom thought the dress was amazing. I would say it was because the woman he loved was in it and he’d have liked her in rags as long as she was going to be forever his.

More recently a bride hated her dress. Paid a lot of money for it initially and had, had modifications to make it better but nothing has helped. She can no longer afford any more changes to it. I advise a few this she could do when I assestained why she did not like it but as yet I’ve yet to do the wedding so will have to update you. 

I do however know that the wedding dresses as beautiful as they are, are not what the groom is really about.

He wants you. He wants you glowing with happiness. Not for the dress but because your getting married. 

Try not to doubt your choice of dress my lovely ladies. It will all be perfect as he does not doubt you ❤

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